Opening Times

1: 9:00-16:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
2. Circulation Service: 9:00-16:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
3. Periodicals and Newspaper Reading Room: 12:00-17:00(Monday); 9:00-20:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
4. Children’s Library: 12:00-17:00(Tuesday-Friday); 9:00-17:00(Weekends; the Summer and the Winter Vocations)
5. Circulation Stack Room: 9:00-20:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
6. General Reading Room, Foreign Languages Reading Room, Public Internet Room, Self-Study Area: 9:00-17:00(Tuesday-Sunday)


Instructions of Children’s Library

1. Children’s Library Card is restricted to the usage of its owner and the guardian only. Readers can read and borrow the publications from Children’s Library. If you lost the card, you should report the loss at the Reader Registration in time. Readers should take full responsibilities for all violations of the library regulations occurred before reporting the loss of a card.
2. Please take no more than 2 books or 1 journal at a time and put them on the specified place after reading.
3. Each card is entitled to borrow a maximum of 10 books at a time for 28 days. Renewal can be realized once for 28 days prior to the due date. The library will charge RMB0.2 for each overdue book per day.
4. Please take good care of literatures in the reading room. No folding, scribbling, cutting or tearing off pages is allowed. Violators will be punished by the “Management Measures”, or the standard of compensation for books and periodicals by Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV.
5. Please check the literatures carefully and count the number of the books. If they were damaged, missed pages, please report to the staff in time. They will handle it. If the book is marked “CD Attached”, check the CD. Please take care of the literatures and attached discs. The library will charge RMB5 for each CD attached in the books if it is lost or damaged.
6. If the book is lost, the reader should compensate library a same edition collection, and pay RMB10 service fee additionally, or pay a compensation fee according to the Rules of the Compensation for the Lost Materials of the Shanghai Library.
7. Pay attention to safety. Preschool children should be accompanied by their parents. Please abide the “Seven Don’ts”. Do not drink colored or sugary drinks in reading area to keep a clean, quiet and orderly environment.
8. Please abide the regulations of the library consciously, support and cooperate with the work of the staff.
9. For other services, please contact librarians nearby.

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