Opening Times

1: 9:00-16:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
2. Circulation Service: 9:00-16:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
3. Periodicals and Newspaper Reading Room: 12:00-17:00(Monday); 9:00-20:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
4. Children’s Library: 12:00-17:00(Tuesday-Friday); 9:00-17:00(Weekends; the Summer and the Winter Vocations)
5. Circulation Stack Room: 9:00-20:00(Tuesday-Sunday)
6. General Reading Room, Foreign Languages Reading Room, Public Internet Room, Self-Study Area: 9:00-17:00(Tuesday-Sunday)


Instructions of Public Internet Room

1. Readers are entitled to use the computers with reader cards.
2. The basic function of Public Internet Room: browse and inquiry of the Internet information services; digital library services such as digital literatures reading, information resource navigation, retrieval, reference consulting, etc.; leisure entertainment services as film appreciation; studying and training services based on computer and Internet.
3. Please abide the relevant public civilization of the social convention. No materials as food and drinks in. Don’t speak loudly. No litter. No spitting. Keep the hall quiet and clean. Don’t move desks and chairs without permission. Don’t scribble on the computer desks. Appreciate music with headphone.
4. No modify, add or delete configuration files of the computer system.
5. Take care of the facilities. Don’t move the equipments and plug in or out without permission. Those who damage the computers will be subjected to fines prescribed in library regulations.
6. We don’t provide software such as the Stock Game.
7. Users have to observe the law,follow the Measures for Administration of Security Protection for International Interconnection of Computer-based Information Networks. No utilizing international interconnection to endanger State security. No producing, reproducing, searching for or disseminating the illegal information that propagates feudalistic superstitions, obscenity, pornography, etc. The violator’s card will be cancelled immediately, and the violator will be reported to the department concerned.


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